Meredith Novack, 37, celebrated with steak and champagne after her grueling journey. She swam from Lanai to Maui and then……Read More Below

There are all kinds of marathon swims, most notably Diana Nyad’s recent 110-mile running of the jellyfish gauntlet between Cuba and Key West. Since Matthew Webb made the first crossing of the English Channel in 1875, 2,600-plus swimmers have braved the 21-mile swim through chilly water…..Read More below

Anytime you’re trailed by a couple of sharks during a record-breaking marathon swim, you’re gonna get the attention of the media. Such is the case for swimmer (and former pro triathete) Meredith Novack, who’s had Sports Illustrated, internatonal wire services …Read More Below

Meredith Novack Shatters Swim Record With Two Tiger Sharks Trailing Her…Read More below’s_firsts