One Goal.
One Month.
One Island.
One Person.
One Million.

The goal is simple. Meredith Novack wants to swim around the entire island of Oahu (around 220 miles) in three weeks – raising one million dollars for charity, spotlighting various companies and causes, and sharing Hawaii’s magnificent natural beauty with the world. This World Record stage swim will garner massive media attention. Meredith plans on swimming five hours a day during this month long event.
Running an event like this requires precision planning, coordination and promotion. One hundred local volunteers will join her crew, photographers, videographers, and boat captain in making this the South Pacific’s most exciting adventure come to life. $200,000 in corporate sponsorship is needed…with so many wonderful opportunities for sponsorship, signage and product placement and give aways, live tracking, and media coverage around the world – it is important to get on board now!

Meredith is accepting sponsorship proposals NOW.